How to avoid things without a namespace?

I have booked the Bosch IoT Things service in the Bosch IoT Cloud in the very early stage. At those times, the benefits of separating thing entities per namespace was not as clear as it is today.
How to proceed in case I need to continue working with such entries?


The namespace for things registered at Bosch IoT Things service is indeed topic to be “enforced” with a service update, which is currently scheduled for July 2019.

In case you want to keep the old things data, first of all you will need to make clear - also to all solutions which try to query, update or delete the things - that the thing ID will be different, as the namespace is an official part of the thing ID since 2017.

Your procedure might include the following steps:

  • Get each thing by its old ID pattern “:name”
  • Copy the content
  • Post a new thing with the ID pattern “namespace:name”
  • Test
  • Delete the old thing.

The user interface for registering your namespace is described in detail at Manage your namespace.

If you have any questions or problems registering your namespaces please contact us via email
All customers of a Starter or Standard plans should not be affected by such problems anyway, as setting the namespace is required since April 2018.

In case you have a policy without a namespace or with an unregistered namespace the same procedure could help.