How to use resources from another domain?

I would like to use cross-origin HTTP requests on the Things service. Is this supported?

The Bosch IoT Things service supports cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) for some whitelisted hosts.

You can benefit from this mechanism by enabling client-side cross-origin requests. If your Web application is hosted on one of those whitelisted hosts, you can use the Bosch IoT Things HTTP API (i.e. our REST-like resources) directly from your Web UI without the need for a proxy mechanism on your back end.

The following example shows how your application could fetch cross-origin resources from the Things service.
The user dialog would require authentication and then list all Things, which the specific user is allowed to see.
See .

Whitelisted hosts:
Currently we have whitelisted “well-known” hosts from our perspective, e.g. *
On demand, we could of course enlarge the trusted circle. In case of interest, please let us know which domain you need whitelisted.

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