How to change my service plan?

I have booked a Free plan so far, but now I would like to change to Starter.


The easiest way to book Bosch IoT Things is via or via the Bosch IoT Cloud user interface.

However, unfortunately changing the plan is not supported at the GUI, but only via the command line interface.

Customers who have no org at the Bosch IoT Cloud can contact us directly via email

If you have access to Bosch IoT Cloud infrasturcture, the Cloud Foundry command line interface offers an update-service command. Find details at


  • Log in to the Cloud Foundry infrastructure
    cf login -a https:⁄⁄ –skip-ssl-validation
  • Select the org and the space where your service instance is running.
  • Display the current meta data of your instance
    cf service <your-instance-name>
  • Change the service plan to Starter
    cf update-service <your-instance-name> -p Starter
  • Check the change by again listing the current meta data of your instance
    cf service <your-instance-name>

To upgrade to the Standard plan the appropriate command would be
cf update-service <your-instance-name> -p Standard.