XDK Cloud Connectivity

Welcome to the Bosch IoT Things service.

We hope you have successfully registered your XDK to the Things service in line with the guidance at https://www.bosch-iot-suite.com/tutorials/xdk/.

Now that you XDK is blinking and shows connectivity to our cloud service, this is a good time to just lean back and dream about all possible scenarios you want to implement, to add value to all this data your XDK leverages.

As the first and most difficult part - the device connectivity - is done by the software stack your XDK was recently flashed with, you will most probably decide for the fun part and just use the measurements reported by your XDK sensors.

The XDK in Thing notation

In case you need to create an own dashboard, understanding the Thing notation of your XDK might be necessary.

Basically each sensor will be represented as a feature.

  • Accelerometer
  • Barometer
  • Gyroscope
  • HumiditySensor
  • IlluminanceSensor
  • LightControl (3 feature representations for the Red, Orange and Yellow LED)
  • Magnetometer
  • TemperatureSensor
  • AlertNotification - will report in case one if the 2 XDK button have been pushed

Meta data:

  • decription - holding the name you gave it at registration
  • Device - holding among others the serial number and firmware version

Get familiar with our API

A good starting point migth be our overview on basic concepts and Which API to use?

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