Register a user

User authentication is one of the main prerequisites in order to use our demo applications.
The demo application uses Basic Authentication. This type of authentication is provided for example by Bosch IoT Permissions, another service of the Bosch IoT Suite family.
Since you might have gone already through the Things service booking dialog, the procedure to book an instance of Bosch IoT Permissions service is quite similar.

  1. Click My Account and Sign in with your Bosch ID.
    In case you have no Bosch ID yet, feel free to register a new user account.
    Once the authentication is successful, you will be re-directed to the Bosch IoT Suite portal.
  2. Click New Subscription and select Bosch IoT Permissions.
    Bosch IoT Permissions
    1. Select the service plan
      Currently the Free plan is the only option offered with this channel.
    2. Set the name of your instance
      You can book multiple instances of each type of service so make sure you set a speaking name.
    3. Click Subscribe
    4. The Status will be “Provisioning” while the service subscription mechanism checks the validity, e.g. if the instance name is unique.
    5. In case the Status is still not “Active” after some seconds, click the Refresh button.

Congratulations, you have created an own Bosch IoT Permissions service instance, with an own tenant.
The user with the Bosch ID used for this subscription, is automatically the administrator of your Permissions instance.

To create a user within your own tenant, go to the Permissions service Dashboard and use the User Management view.

If you navigate from to the Bosch IoT Permissions service dashboard, your authentication with the Bosch ID is still valid, thus the dashboard will show that you are already logged in.
The Bosch ID is automatically derived into a user with administrative privileges.

  • Click the “add user” icon .
  • The Users column will display a form for completing all the information required to create a user.
  • You must complete at least all required fields in the dialog box (marked !)
    Add user
    • Username: The Username must consist of alphabetic and numeric characters. Blanks are allowed, but not as the first or last character.
    • Password: A password.
    • Password (Verification): Repeat the password.
  • Confirm by clicking Save & Close at the bottom of the dialog box.

The new user is now available and will be displayed in alphabetical order in the Users column.

Bosch IoT Permissions' password rules are configured to require each user (created by an administrative user) to change his password.
Find the details of how your own tenant is configured at “Edit password rules”. These settings will apply for all users you create in the context of this tenant.

The tenant name is displayed right above the toolbar.
Copy the tenant name to your clipboard, as you will need it, when authenticating at the Things demo application.

The “Logout” button can be found at the upper left corner.

Open a new browser tab

  • Use the provided dialog to sign in with your new user.
  • Upon successful login you will be asked to change your password.
  • The “Logout” button can be found at the upper left corner.

Congratulations, you have now a user who can perform the Things Demo scenario.
Note: The Inventory Browser application provides only two fields for authentication. There you will need to set the tenant name in the same field as the username separated by a backslash:
E.g. YourTenantName\eval-user-01

For your real use cases which imply application roles and permission management please contact the Bosch IoT Permissions service.