April 11, 2019 - Bosch IoT Things - service update

The new service release comes with various changes, as for example:

  • Scripted solution configuration
    • In case you need to configure settings regarding your connections, the easy way is to use the UI.
      However, with this release we also support scripting your solution settings.
    • Find an example and details regarding the solution policy at Policy of a solution.
  • Preparation for new search API implementation.
    • At this occasion the wildcard for a complete feature ID, e.g. (“features/*/properties …”), is deprecated.
    • The new search is subject to be deployed with an upcoming release.
  • New notation for a Bosch ID within a policy.
    • A Bosch ID was supported to be used as an unique identifier within a policy. Since the JWT also carries the client ID we support to also add this ID.
    • The new pattern is
      "bosch:S-1-xxx-your-user-ID@ciamids_36xxx-client-ID": {"type": "bosch-id"}
    • In order to avoid ambiguity, henceforth we recommend to use the new notation.
    • Find an example and details regarding the policy at Policies.

At this occasion, various minor bugs have also been fixed.